Aiala Barr

Aiala Barr

Aiala Barr received her formal art training at The Popular School of Art in Bacau, Romania.

After that she studied Mathematics and Statistics and she obtained a Ph.D in Statistics from University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. She pursued a career in academia and statistical consulting in various areas.

In recent years she had the privilege of enhancing her skills in art with different courses and workshops from respected artists in Toronto.

Today she is drawing and painting in various media: pencil, ink, charcoal, conte, acrylic and watercolor.


- Selected for juried exhibition of Canadian Colour and Form Society November 2013 - picture "Magnolia tree"

-  Member of Botanical Artists of Canada Society - 2014

- Selected for juried  exhibition of Botanical Artists of Canada Society 2014 - picture "Large Poppies"

- Selected for Vaughan of a kind art+craft show November 2014

- Selected for Heintzman House art show April 2015

- Selected for Vaughan Film Festival Art Showcase May 2015 - picture "Still life with fruits"

- TSC exhibition June 2015

- Member of Israeli group of artists in Toronto - 2015

- Member of Toronto Watercolour Society - 2016

- Israeli artists group exhibition - 2016

- TWS - 32nd Spring Aquavision 2017 - Azalea flowers

-TWS - 33rd Fall Aquavision 2017 juried exhibition- Trillium flower

-Israeli artists group exhibition November 2017

- Heintzman House Spring 2018 Exhibition

-TWS - 34rd Spring Aquavision 2018 - Orchids

-Israeli artistis group exhibition  - Blue, white and beyond October 2018