Aiala Barr

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Absolutely beautiful paintings! So glad I discovered your website via Chabad of Markham's post. I look forward to seeing The Women's Window at shul.
Freya Morrison - 19 Jul 2019
I have known Aiala for several years and every time I see a new painting of hers, it is even more beautiful than the one before it.
Jane Randall - 22 Feb 2017
It was so wonderful meeting you and your family! What a diverse and beautiful talent you have. Your work is inspirational. I especially love the work from locations around the world that I have also visited and love to keep in my mind. Keep up the beautiful work!
Daisy - 8 May 2016
Lovely inspirational art pieces. I really enjoyed the visit
Lesley Schnaid - 6 Mar 2016
Your work is very beautiful! Welcome to the Israeli Artists Group, I hope you will enjoy your time with us. Rikki
Rikki Blitt - 9 Sep 2015
Your paintings are beautiful and reflect your talent. Great works. Eliane and Allan
Eliane Tobin - 7 Jun 2015
Hi Aiala, I checked out your work here. I was very pleased with what I saw -- in particular, your style. Good stuff!
Dyniss - 24 Jul 2014
I am so impressed with your artistic talent. I love everything.
charlene ohallarn - 21 Oct 2013
Wow Aiala! Your paintings are exceptional and a delight to view and review. Super website. Look forward to many more!
Hilda Sichel - 4 Oct 2013
Aiala you surprised me! Your artwork is amazing and the website is a nicely put together, a great vehicle to share your work.
Audrey Philip - 16 Aug 2013
I'm Betty from Bonnie's Thursday class. Thank you for sharing your website with me. You've stunning work displayed here. I've sent you the yellow daffodils photo I took with my phone this afternoon, hope you received it. Betty
Betty Cheung - 2 May 2013
Wow,they are Beautiful paintings Aiala.
Farnoush Yousefzamani - 8 Apr 2013
You have an amazing talent Aiala. Your paintings are beautiful. Lovely website, thank you for creating the website for us all to enjoy. You have my admiration.
Sharon Bergmann - 31 Mar 2013
I'm so thrilled that you got a website up & running! It's lovely & of course so is your work. I've been waiting for this since seeing your pieces in your home a few years ago. Now you need to get into some shows & get broader attention. Your work deserves it! Love, Carol & Fred
Carol Praissman - 31 Mar 2013
Aiala, it is a surprise AND not a surprise that you have such a talent! Surprise because you never showed the talent to us; not a surprise since I know how the beautiful mathematical minds can be visually expressed. Wish you a great success as an artist!
Irene Zhang - 31 Mar 2013
Evelin - 31 Mar 2013
Beautiful. Very impressive. I love your landscapes and flowers.
Janet Cohen - 31 Mar 2013
You are so talented, I wish I had your skills, all I can draw are stick figures!!!!
Susan Philipp - 31 Mar 2013
Aiala, kol hakavod, I always admired all your work in your home. I feel previleged to have seen them in hard copy. Now I get to see it on your web site and take my time to absorb them for as long as I want or need to. You are awesome for your talent and for creating a web site for others to enjoy.
Sarah Konsker - 30 Mar 2013
I was very impressed by your artwork when I saw some at your home. It is wonderful to see such a broad range of pieces on your site - great idea & lovely work.
Barbara Frohlich - 30 Mar 2013
Beautiful flowers and landscapes! Especially like the white daffodils, and the landscape of Tel Aviv.
Donna Jacobs - 15 Mar 2013
These painting and website look wonderful. A true inspiration!
Iris Barr-Lovett - 14 Mar 2013
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